Why NAI Robert Lynn?

NAI Robert Lynn is the market leader for commercial real estate in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In 2017, NAI Robert Lynn successfully completed 917 sale and lease transactions totaling over 31 million square feet.

Based on total volume of space leased, NAI Robert Lynn has been consistently ranked by the CoStar Group as one of the Top 5 "Power Brokerage Firms" in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A large part of this growth can be attributed to the highly structured, comprehensive training program all new associates must complete before they can begin negotiating transactions.

During this time, significant emphasis is placed on gaining practical experience, obtaining a thorough understanding of the commercial real estate business, and learning to focus on a particular submarket.









4851 LBJ Freeway, 10th Floor
Dallas, TX 75244
United States

Tel (214) 256-7100
Fax (214) 256-7101  

Fort Worth

1200 Summit Avenue, Suite 800
Fort Worth, TX, 76102
United States

Tel (817) 885-8333
Fax (817) 872-3888