NAI Robert Lynn provides clients with a full range of services including traditional transactional brokerage, corporate services, and specialized support. Our goal is to customize a delivery platform based on a client's requirements. Unlike a "one size fits all" business philosophy, NAI Robert Lynn understands that clients require different services. In order for a client to effectively utilize our services, we are pleased to provide a description of what NAI Robert Lynn offers.


4851 LBJ Freeway, 10th Floor
Dallas, TX 75244
United States

Tel (214) 256-7100
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Fort Worth

1200 Summit Avenue, Suite 800
Fort Worth, TX, 76102
United States

Tel (817) 885-8333
Fax (817) 872-3888


NAI Robert Lynn offers a wide variety of services for office users and investors. Our professional staff currently tracks over 273,000,000 square feet of office space throughout the Greater Dallas area.>>


In each assignment, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest degree of professionalism, personalized service and efficient technology. Our specialists have the tools needed to evaluate trends which affect retailers in their search for locations during or after a site has been chosen (either from a lease or purchase standpoint). >>


Industrial clientele include privately owned companies, national and international corporations, institutional owners, private investors and national developers. >>


Dallas brokers use their experience, as well as, financial underwriting, financing, national buyer database, national property marketing, team deal structuring and closing abilities to help our clients create and preserve wealth.

Consulting Services

NAI Robert Lynn offers non-transactional real estate services either in conjunction with or separate from transactional services. >>

Corporate Services

Through our Corporate Services Group, clients benefit from the latest technology and innovative concepts utilized by real estate departments of worldwide companies. >>

Contact (Call) Centers / Site Selection

NAI Global Contact Center/Site Selection Services provides a comprehensive array of specialized services to help companies optimize their investment in contact center and service center operations. >>

Property Management

Our objective is to develop management plans that are compatible with your long-range goals and provide the active management you need to preserve and enhance the value of each of your real estate assets. >>


Whether you require a small lot for your dream facility or acreage for an office or industrial park, NAI Robert Lynn knows how to get your plans off the ground. >>